GC Journeys

Welcome to our travel photo blog.  This website is primarily a showcase for photos and journals of Graeme and Connie’s (“GC”) travels.  We’ll also include a few travel tips that we’ve learned from experience.  In past years we’ve planned and booked all the details for our trips ourselves, but in 2018 we discovered the joys of all-inclusive group travel with daily guided tours and everything planned and taken care of for us (see more under “About Us”).  

We’re still working on adding our large backlog of trip photos, so please check back later to see more. Trips still to be added include Australia and New Zealand, the Canadian Maritimes, and a 12,000-mile trip RV trip around the USA visiting 14 national parks.

[For the photo slide show at the top of this page: place your cursor over the photo to pause; touch or click on the photo to see the journal page that it represents.]